About DefenCall

The DefenCall personal emergency response solution for smartphones combines state-of-the-art  technologies, including Internet, GPS, wireless networks and Defentect’s Immediate Intelligent Messaging software platform to deliver solutions that address personal safety concerns for individuals, families or groups. By facilitating emergency alert notifications that enable informed and timely response, DefenCall helps to ensure your security wherever you are, and whenever you need help.

To see our description in the Apple iTunes App Store, click here.

How It Works

1)     Double-tapping the DefenCall Alert button on a smartphone sends an alert message (which can include GPS location) to DefenCall for immediate dispatch to a user’s first responders and/or security systems.  GPS location of the smartphone can also be continuously monitored via the Internet.

2)    Individual users can add personalized messages to the DefenCall standard alert messaging templates and add message recipients.

3)    Group administrators can create standard alert messaging templates and grant users permission to personalize some settings.

4)    An optional call can be placed to 911, central monitoring stations and/or back to the person in distress.

IMPORTANT: Services provided by DefenCall are dependent on the availability of a public cell phone network service and cell phone access to the Internet.

DefenCall utilizes location services technology and relies on the technology built-in to the iPhone platform.   Apple location technologies include triangulation of cell towers,  the proximity to known wi-fi locations, and GPS (available on iPhone 3GS and 4 devices.)

Please read this Apple document for more detailed information.