DefenCall Description

DefenCall Personal Emergency Response

DefenCall is designed to help protect you and your loved ones, whenever help is required. Parents of teenagers, college students, traveling executives, or when on vacation - DefenCall is an easy way to enhance the safety and security of those who are important to you.
If you are hurt, scared, in an accident, or simply lost you can easily and immediately call for help. With DefenCall, the double touch of a button will allow your smartphone to place a phone call automatically, send a text message (or several), send an email (or several), and have a call placed to you immediately.
Emergencies arise without notice and always when you least expect them. DefenCall will enhance your safety and security in your everyday life, whether at school, work, traveling or simply running errands.

A simple double tap on the DefenCall button sends an immediate message to your designated multiple contacts and first responders, giving your name, contact information and GPS location. Your iPhone will also automatically directly dial a pre-selected number.   If you are in an accident, incapacitated due to a medical condition, scared, or merely lost, all you have to do is TAP on the App and you have sent an alert giving pertinent information to those who can help.

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