How It Works

DefenCall Smartphone Panic Button SolutionDefenCall products  help protect individuals by turning their smartphones into emergency alerting devices.

Core Functions

The “alerting” feature of DefenCall mobile applications offers three basic levels of protection:

RedReadyEmergency Alert – This is the “big red button” prominently displayed on the main screen of every application. Tapping it triggers an immediate message to emergency responders, flashes a red screen on a monitor of the security personnel and it dials the emergency number automatically. The message includes the user’s name, GPS location and phone number.

Buddy Alert Button“SMS” Buddy Alert – This message is triggered by tapping the triangular “caution” symbol icon and is sent to a user-configured list of contacts by text message. The message includes the user’s name, GPS location and phone number. These contacts can be friends, parents, colleagues or other people.  This is intended for use in situations where the user wants help, but does not think the authorities need to be involved, because it is not a true emergency.

Check-In Button“Just Check In” – This “piece of mind” function is triggered by tapping on the green “check” icon and sends a message indicating the user is “OK” to a pre-configured contact by text message or email. Check-in messages include the user’s name, GPS location and phone number. This function is especially useful for reassuring parents or friends that everything is alright, for example when the user has reached a destination.

DefenCall Button Functions
How DefenCall Works

Additional Functions

Additional functions enhance the protection features of DefenCall products with additional capabilities:

  • Safety Resources – Every DefenCall product includes links to “what to do” information that could be crucial in an emergency. Basic information is provided by FEMA and can be customized to include links to information provided by user organization. Examples of information include everything from preventing theft to how to deal with alcohol poising or an earthquake.
  • Localized Resources – User organizations can add additional content such as campus transit maps, links to services like campus escorts or Saferides and other services.
  • “Tip” Function – Allows users to report dangerous or illegal situations. This ability to crowdsource data turns users into additional eyes and ears to increase safety. This can also be used within a “See Something Say Something” campaign.
  • Auto Callback – Emergency alerts can be configured to generate an automatic call from the monitoring dashboard to the user’s mobile phone.
  • Voice Call Buttons – To connect to local police or security.

For more information or to discuss how DefenCall can improve the safety of your community, contact us at or call  1 203-354-9164 now.