DefenCall K-12

Alerting First Responders and School Administrators When Seconds Count

DefenCall Smartphone Panic Button SolutionDefenCall K-12 is a smartphone-based application system that introduces a new level of protection to classrooms by connecting teachers and staff directly with first responders and school administrators when an incident occurs through a mobile “panic button.” DefenCall K-12 also provides immediate access to customized safety and security information and procedures for teachers and staff members to follow in an emergency.

With DefenCall K-12, classroom teachers and staff members have access to a personal “panic button” app on their smartphones that they can use to call for help in an emergency. Activating the button immediately dials the local emergency number and sends a text message to a list of pre-defined contacts which can be configured to include school administrators, district administrators and resource officers. The alert message includes the name of the person who is requesting help, their phone number and their actual location as determined by GPS. Activating the button also causes a red flashing emergency alert message to be displayed on the StaySafe web page which can be monitored by school, district and emergency dispatch personnel.

GPS location of person in distressDefenCall K-12’s emergency information function allows schools and districts to provide teachers and staff with specific procedures to follow in a variety of situations. This information is customized to include the school’s or district’s own emergency protocols and can be augmented with FEMA information on a wide variety of emergency types.  Specific examples of “what to do in an emergency” information can include how to react in situations including active shooter protection, tornado, earthquake, and other serious incidents.


  • Smartphone app that allows teachers and staff to send an instant “one-button” request for emergency assistance including GPS location to administrative personnel (for example, both school and district) and local police for immediate response
  • Activating the panic button initiates a call to the local emergency number
  • Activating the panic button sends SMS and email messages (including sender name, mobile phone number and GPS location) to a configurable set of recipients
  • Call a LockdownNEW Lockdown function allows any faculity or staff member to call a lockdown, resulting in a text message and/or email being sent to all system users ordering a lockdown.
  • Includes customized links to school district approved emergency response procedures for a range of incidents
  • Uobtrusive smartphone app does not serve as a contant reminder of danger to students like other panic buttons.
  • Customized for each district with direct access to administrators and local police
  • Cloud-based dashboard for use by administrative personnel and/or local police
  • Your safety procedures included in appOptional outbound text and email broadcast alert system for sending notification (such as “all clear”) to all system users  
  • No expensive hardware to install or maintain


  • Low cost solution can immediately improve school safety while longer term safety plans are devised and reviewed
  • Low cost solution can immediately improve school safety while longer term safety plans are devised and reviewed
  • Increase school safety by providing enhanced direct access to emergency response personnel
  • Messages go directly to administrative personnel and local police, not a mobile 911 call routing center, vastly decreasing time from call to response
  • Providing approved “what to do in an emergency” information helps teachers and staff safely react to incidents
  • Quick deployment –  everything is configured over the internet
  • Only days to customize and activate – get protected now

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